To invest


1Registration in the project. In order to become an active participant, you should open a personal account in the project.

Open a personal account is easy and absolutely free. To sign in the project, you should click on the button
"Registration" and fill in all the proposed form below. During creation of an account, read carefully the conditions of the rules and agreements.

2Adding funds and creation of deposit. Top up your balance and make a deposit right now.

Add funds in a convenient way for you.Click on the "Add funds" button. Enter the amount and select the payment system. You can create deposit at any time convenient for you.

Make a deposit using funds from your balance.Go to "Deposits" in your account and click the "Make deposit". Enter the amount and payment system which has been used to fill up the balance previously. You can create any number of deposits at the same time.

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3Earning a profit. Withdraw your profits a day after the creation of the deposit.

Withdrawal is carried out manually according to established applications, on days specified in the investment packages. To earn the profits you should go to the menu "Withdraw", select the amount and payment system for withdrawal your profit.